Delivery Assurance

We make every effort to ensure the highest possible delivery rates. While the delivery result of any one particular email is not always guaranteed (for many reasons, including not only the letter itself and its originating server reputation, but also certain settings of the target mail server), we at UniOne consistently maintain a delivery rate as high as 99.8%. To achieve this excellent  performance we use the following techniques and practices.

  1. We conform to all major standards of email authentication, including SPFDKIM and DMARC. The same is required of our customers. For this reason we ensure that all our clients verify their domain ownership by adding the required records to the Domain Naming Service (DNS) database. This one-time procedure is necessary to guarantee that your sender reputation is in no way influenced by other customers of our service. The validity of your DNS records will be automatically re-checked on a schedule, and we will inform you if something goes wrong.

  2. We constantly monitor all major black lists and sender reputation services for our IP addresses. In case a match is found, we promptly investigate the reason and delist the shared IP address. If you are using a dedicated IP address, we will immediately let you know so that you are able to delist the address yourself.

  3. Delivery of all your emails to addressee domains is monitored in real time. In case a particular domain starts rejecting all your emails, we will temporarily pause outbound email to this domain and notify you via web hook API and by email. We cannot investigate every such occurrence, but we do provide the tools you need to locate the cause. However, in the case of transaction emails such events are extremely rare. In case of mass mailing they can also be avoided, with due respect to certain "email sanity" practices.

  4. We make use of the Feedback Loop (FBL) services provided by most major email services. This allows us to track not only the delivery result for any particular letter, but also to be notified when an addressee hits the SPAM button. Such events are forwarded to the customer via webhook and made visible in delivery statistics. We also block sending further emails to this address, to keep your sender reputation safe.

  5. An unsubscribe link is added to every letter by default. Omitting such link would result in high numbers of spam complaints, which in turn could severely downgrade your sender reputation and delivery rate. However, you also have the  option to change the appearance of our default unsubscribe block or even implement your own unsubscribe mechanism and notify us via an API call.

All of the above measures help us maintain high delivery rates.