Get Started

  1. Add your sender domain by clicking the plus button on the Tools/Domains page.
  2. Add the corresponding records to your domain’s DNS entries.
  3. Take a few minutes’ break to ensure that the new records are updated in the distributed DNS database, then press the Check button. The green checkmarks will show you that your domain is properly set up. Otherwise please double-check your records (press the setup icon to view the required records). If everything is ok, just allow some time for records propagation (in certain rare cases, this can take as much as 48 hours). The domain is ready for sending when all the checkmarks show up.

All of the above steps can be done via the corresponding API calls.

Your setup is now complete!

If you have just created your account, your tariff plan will allow you to test our services by sending up to 100 emails per day to any of the domains you’ve added and verified, using either SMTP or the email/send API method. In order to send emails to other domains, you should move to any paid tariff plan.

We also recommend that you find out more about our Web API capabilities. It allows you to get real time event notifications, create and manage templatesunsubscribed recipients and more. You may also be interested in getting familiar with other articles from our knowledge base and integration libraries.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our most helpful tech support.