Shared Access

UniOne is a great tool for team-based email campaign management. You can give your designer access to your templates, allow your marketing manager to view statistical data, or open your domain settings to be modified by your system administrator.

How to set up shared access

Click the menu button, navigate to Settings – Shares Access and invite a new collaborator by clicking the plus sign.

In the dialog box you should specify the new workgroup member’s email address, and set the allowed rights. If the Readonly box is checked, they will be able to view the data without making any modifications.

After clicking OK, the person will receive a confirmation email. If your addressee does not have a UniOne account yet, they will be prompted to create one.

By clicking the confirmation link (and completing the sign-in process, if necessary) the person will receive the capacity to switch to your account by clicking the corresponding option in the top left corner.

Your colleagues will see only those menu items you’ve granted them access to. Password information, api key and billing data are never shown to anyone except you.

Modifying and disabling a share

To add, modify or revoke previously given rights, you click on the pencil icon for the corresponding share. By clicking the cross icon, you permanently delete the person from the list. If you want to restrict their rights only temporarily, simply uncheck all boxes – this way you won’t need to create the entry anew.