Velocity Email Template Engine

Apache Velocity template engine can handle objects and arrays substitutions using loops and if/else conditions. This will significantly reduce the time spent on the same letter templates development or development of the template parts. Using Velocity once is enough to create a pattern, which will be filled automatically by structured substitutions processed in the request. Depending on the conditions specified in the template, Velocity will handle substitutions, replacing the variables with the values ​​or transforming their values ​​by a given algorithm. Using complex substitutions (objects, arrays) will also reduce the size of requests, thereby increasing the processing speed, and speed up sending emails as a result.

For more information about Velocity functionality supported by UniOne: Velocity use cases

Using Velocity in UniOne allows you to use the substitutions with objects and arrays to create emails with dynamic content. This significantly reduces the size of the traffic and automates the process of creating templates with identical structures that differ only by the content.



The substitutions can be used in the following parameters (methods email/send and template/set):

  • body.html
  • body.plaintext
  • body.amp
  • subject
  • headers
  • options.unsubscribe_url
  • from_name

Velocity use cases