Visual Email Constructor

Visual editor allows you to create an email which will look equally attractive on your laptop, mobile or tablet.

An email is comprised of horizontal rows, which in turn may contain one or more diverse blocks: texts, images, buttons, or videos. By default a new email consists of one row containing one block. You can add more rows with the necessary number of blocks by switching to the ROWS tab and dragging the appropriate preset row onto your email.

Next, you add the required content to each block by switching to the CONTENT tab and dragging the necessary content type onto the related block.

Adding blocks

 Each row can be deleted or duplicated at need. When you left click any unused area inside the row, a small menu pops up on the right containing a trash icon (click to delete the row) and a double-square icon (click to duplicate the row). A four-arrow handle also appears on the left, allowing you to relocate the row.

Duplicating and deleting rows

When a row is selected, the ROWS tab shows a number of properties for this row. You may adjust the number of columns, change background colors and more.

If you click any block instead, the same icons and handle will apply to this block only.

Deleting and duplicating content blocks

If you click the Revert button in the lower right corner of the editor, you will cancel your most recent action. A click on the timer icon shows the entire editing history.


When you are satisfied with the result, click the “Continue” button in the upper right corner. The editor will close and you will see the result in preview mode. IMPORTANT NOTICE: the template is not yet saved, as other properties might have been changed. To save the entire template, including your design changes, you must then click the "Save" button.